1. Rules of the coach operators.
    Each coach operator has own terms of carriage that are displayed when you are choosing coach operators and buying tickets. Every coach operator has own rules regarding returns and refunds, amount of luggage spaces, etc.
  2. Borders, customs, visas.
    If you are traveling outside of European Union, or if you are not a citizen of a EU country, you may need a visa for certain destinations. Unfortunately we cannot provide you with any information on the visa issues. We recommend you to contact the respective authority/consulate and receive all necessary documents well ahead of your trip. Every passenger is responsible for the compliance with passport, visa, currency, customs and health regulations.
  3. Departure and arrival time zones.
    Arrival and departure time are shown in local time of the point of arrival-departure.
  4. Is it mandatory to provide my telephone number for purchasing the ticket(s)?
    No, in most cases, you don't have to fill in the field "phone" when purchasing the ticket. But , we recommend filling this field in, so that we'll be able to contact you quickly in case this will be necessary to pass important information regarding your trip. Some carriers require us to obtain your telephone number and pass it to them. So that they can contact you in regards to the planned trip- for such cases the phone field in marked as mandatory and you will have to fill it in in order to proceed with your purchase.
  5. How fast should the payment be completed?
    Payment for the service has to occur within 10 minutes after the confirmation of the order (after clicking the "Pay" button). If you don't complete the payment during the 10 minutes after confirmation, your order will be annulled.
  6. What has happened if I had not received an e-mail with the ticket after I've paid for it?
    If you do not receive an email after your online purchase of a ticket, there can be three reasons:
    • The electronic credit card or debit payment has failed. In this case the purchase is cancelled by the system.
    • You have entered an incorrect e-mail address.
    • Your email provider has filtered our message with the ticket into Spam or Junk folder.
    Please check the Spam/Junk folder of your email. Please check your bank statement first to see if it was already charged, please contact us in order to solve this problem. If your account was not charged, then you must repeat the online reservation. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email contact@buseurope.eu and we will answer your question as soon as possible.
  7. Do I need to have a print out of my electronic ticket while boarding the bus?
    Since most of the carriers require you to have a print out with you, we recommend you to print the tickets out.
  8. How can I return my ticket, if I need to?
    When you are choosing the ticket that suits your traveling plans, you see the return policy of the service suppliers. In most cases the returns can be made through our website (Refund menu), by entering the ticket ID into provided field. When filling in the Refund form, please pay attention to the fact that the required data for the form is printed on the invoice, not on the ticket. Please note, that monies are automatically returned to your account within 10 days after the departure of the last route from your order.
How to Buy Tickets with BusEurope.eu
  1. Choose, are you traveling one way, or do you want to buy round-trip and also need return ticket, or are you looking for the complex trip with transfers, in which case use the guide (How to buy with transfers).
  2. Enter the first three letters of the name of the departure stop, and wait for BusEurope.eu to show available options and then choose your departure stop.
  3. Repeat the same procedure to choose your stop of destination.
  4. Enter the date of the journey (press the calendar button and choose the date). If your departure date can be flexible, press on Plus sign to expand the departure date range: For the outbound trip you can search for the races that depart on the chosen date and the next day, next 2 days or next 3 days. For the Return races the plus sign allows to search races that are 1, 2 or 3 days before or after the chosen date.
  5. Enter the number of seats by using the arrows. Please note that the maximum of 8 tickets can be purchased within one order.
  6. Press "Find" button and wait for BusEurope.eu to find and display available options.
  7. Choose the races from the available options. Please note that we do not always have seats available for sale for all of the races that are displayed as search results. Therefore only the trips that have determined prices and determined number of available seats can be chosen for purchasing. By pressing the "i" icon next to each race name you will be able to see further details about the chosen race. After choosing the trip option that suits you, press "Next" button.
  8. On the next screen, please make sure that you have chosen the correct trip, by checking the details and please read the buyback agreement that is displayed in the upper left corner - this agreement shows the conditions of the carrier of the chosen race.
  9. Please enter the details for the passengers. Press the button next to the Discount line to see if there are any applicable discounts for this race.
  10. Please enter contact information - purchased tickets will be delivered to email. Your e-mail and phone number can be used by BusEurope.eu in order to contact you if that is necessary in order to assist you during your journey. Please press the link on our terms and conditions, and mark that you have read them and agree with them. Choose the way of payment. Enter the letter code and press the button "Pay". You will see the Payment Total on the screen.
  11. On the next screen please enter your credit card details to complete payment procedure.
  12. After the payment has been completed you will be able to print out your tickets, and you will receive invoice (that has already been paid by you) and the tickets to the entered email address. Please remember that in most cases it is mandatory to have print out of your ticket for boarding to the bus.

Thank you for using www.buseurope.eu!

We hope to see you back soon.

How to buy tickets for trips with transfers on BusEurope.eu website
  1. Please note, that at the moment only one-way tickets can be found by using complex search.
  2. Mark the field "with transfers" with a check-mark, so that the System will conduct wider search, searching for the races with transfers. Enter the first three letters of the name of the departure stop, and wait for BusEurope.eu to show you options and then choose your departure stop. Enter the name of the arrival stop in the same way.
  3. Enter the date of the journey (press the calendar button and choose the date).
  4. Enter the number of seats by using the arrows.
  5. Press "Find" button and wait for BusEurope.eu to find and display available options.
  6. Refine your search on the next menu, by entering the number of transfers and maximum time between transfers that is acceptable for you. At this point the criteria can be changed and a new search can be started.
  7. Lower on the screen there will a table with different option for the trip to choose from. The table displays the list of races from which each trip consists, the following information about each race is displayed: time of departure and time of arrival, departure and destination stops, carrier and price of the ticket for each race. Also the total price and the total time of the trip ( including the time between races) is shown under each option. Please note, that sometimes we cannot sell the tickets for the particular trip, so the table with the option for the trip for which you can purchase the tickets on our website will have an orange button "Accept trip" under it. After the choice of the option for the trip is made, please press the corresponding "Accept trip" button and proceed to the following screen.
  8. On the following screen the detailed information about the trip is displayed, and the complex trip agreement is displayed. Please note that by purchasing the tickets from our website you confirm that you agree with the terms and conditions of the complex trip agreement.
  9. Please choose from the available payment options, and enter your contact information - purchased tickets will be send to the email that you will show here. We reserve the right to contact you in case there will be some urgent information that we'll need to let you know ( for example is the have been canceled ).In order to proceed to the purchasing, please follow the link and read our terms and conditions. Please leave the check-mark that confirms that you have agree with our terms and conditions.
  10. On the next screen please enter your credit card details to complete payment procedure.

If you have any questions or request, please contact us.

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How to return a ticket on BusEurope.eu website
  1. Choose "Refunds" from the main menu of the website.
  2. Open the email that you have received from BusEurope.eu with the purchased tickets, open document "invoice.pdf" that is attached to this email.
  3. In the Refunds menu you will have to fill in the form. Enter: Order ID, Order's check code, Ticket ID and repeat the symbols. After that press "Next".
  4. Where to find needed data? Ticket ID is shown in the document "Invoice" that was sent to your email with the tickets. The Ticket ID is shown in the table "Tickets".
  5. Order's check code and Order's ID are shown in the document "Invoice" that was send to your email with the tickets, in the table "Additional Information".
  6. After pressing "Next" on the Refunds Menu of BusEurope.eu, you will see the relevant buyback agreement on the screen. Please mark the check-mark confirming that you agree with the terms of refunds and are willing to proceed.
  7. On the next screen you will see the confirmation of the refund, and the sum that will be returned to your account.

Thank you for using www.buseurope.eu!